26: MDUnit Special Operations Teams at The ModernMD with Dr. Goodman!

Dr. Gregory Goodman shares some exciting updates with MDUnit, special operation MD teams committed to driving healthcare innovation. 

The ModernMD: Dr. Gregory Goodman

Dr. Gregory Goodman, Founder and Host of The ModernMD, shares MDUnit, a new approach to leveraging MD entrepneurs and innovators, to solve today’s biggest healthcare problems.

Success Quote:

“The only way to win is to learn faster than anyone else” – Eric Ries

White Coat to Business Suit:

How can physicians become entrepreneurs? Listen as Dr. Goodman shares his approach to helping physicians learn entrepreneurship in a similar model to clinical training or residency.

Idea to Venture:

Listen as Greg shares his exciting plans to partner with the best and most promising healthcare start ups and help connect them the most innovative MDs swat teams to help them learn faster, scale quickly, and create impact. 

Special Thanks:

Big thanks to all my listeners – Be innovative and share your thoughts on MDUnit below!

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