The ModernMD hosted by Dr. Gregory Goodman is a weekly podcast interviewing today’s most innovative MD’s. We share each MD’s journey from White Coat to Business Suit, Idea to Venture – highlighting success, failures, and lessoned learned. We close each episode with Business Rounds (not your typical hospital rounds), where each MD provides golden prescriptions for your success, recourses, and advise.

The ModernMD is designed for physician entrepreneurs and healthcare innovators who are inspired to transform healthcare. Join us today, get your doctor recommended dose of MD innovation!

My Journey

Hey, Dr. Gregory Goodman here, Founder and Host of The ModernMD. Let me start by sharing my journey as a ModernMD.

Social Entrepreneur – Let’s change

the world

During my junior year of college I came up with the idea of building a student led sustainable clinic in Africa. I put together a group of students and created a one-page clinic proposal. Armed with this one page proposal, I pitched my idea to a very wealthy businessman who was interested in Ethiopia. After the meeting I asked him for $150,000 to build my clinic dream. What happened next I will never forget – he committed the funds establish an initial site assessment.

Long story short – I put a partnership together with Dr. Anteneh Roba Founder and President of iFundAfrica, a non-profit focused on creating better healthcare in Africa. We flew to Ethiopia and met with the Health Minister of Ethiopia, and performed the initial site assessment. The clinic was established and has treated thousands of patients. I feel humbled to have been a part of this project and see my vision of a sustainable solution implemented.

Lets Get Down to Business

My first two business ventures were started on the kitchen table of my apartment during medical school. Yes, that is right – school by day, business by night. My partner, a dental student, and I both believed in the power of young entrepreneurs to build game changing companies. But we believed they lacked two things: one experience and two, a proven system to get them to the market quickly.

To address this problem, we built CEO in a Box (CAB), a custom venture incubator, founded to identify, train and educate young entrepreneurs to become influential leaders and to launch viable business ideas. We used our model to build our flagship venture ValIDTech a novel web and mobile software company that validates PDF417 barcodes on State ID’s. It has been an exciting journey and I continue to advise CAB ventures.

The ModernMD is born

As MDs we are clinically trained to diagnose disease and treat patients. The business of medicine, healthcare innovation and entrepreneurship is never discussed. In medical school the real learning takes place when you put down the books and begin your rotations. It is in the practical experience of taking care of patients that the “real” learning takes place. I wanted to provide a platform for a new type of physician education – How to become an innovator, or a ModernMD. The ModernMD podcast aims to bring to life the lessons and success of innovative MD’s and give you an opportunity to be inspired to build your vision of better healthcare system.

About Me

Gregory Goodman, M.D. was born in Johannesburg, South Africa and grew up in Houston, Texas. He graduated from Brandeis University with a B.S. in Biology and a minor in Business in 2009. While enrolled at Brandeis, he was the founder and Chief Development Officer of a medical clinic in Ethiopia and later led his team to a partnership with iFundAfrica. Greg graduated from Tufts University School of Medicine in 2013. He is passionate about entrepreneurship, and is the Co-Founder of CEO in a Box, a custom venture-incubator focused on developing and training young leaders and visionaries. He is currently an Innovation Fellow at Remedy Partners, The Episodes of Care Company, and is responsible for physician quality performance and clinical technology innovation. Greg will begin his residency training in Internal Medicine this June.